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by Tim
Weekend in Cape Town
Robben Island – Weekend in Cape Town

Welcome to ‘Outdoors at Weekends’

We are Tim & Sharon, two energetic weekend adventurers. We both share a passion for being active outdoors making the most of our weekend time together exploring beautiful countryside throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. We are keen to share our experiences to help inspire others to enjoy what we have been able to.

We love to do the things we have actively enjoyed throughout our lives. Spending time outdoors exploring new locations, experiencing new challenges, enjoying nature and gaining new knowledge is great way to have fun. It simply gives us the energy, zest and sense of well-being so we can enjoy all aspects of our busy lives and keep us smiling inside and out.

Rucksacks, bikes or walking boots, in the back of the car, maps at the ready and off we go adventuring.

We are here to inspire and encourage you discover our beautiful countryside and make the most of this wonderful world. Spice up your weekends with great experiences, enjoy new horizons and outdoor inspirations that will create lasting memories. We will also to provide you with valuable tips and advice to plan your day trips or weekends away.

Follow ‘Outdoors at Weekends‘ to explore ways to make the most of your weekends together or with friends, including active days out, adventures, outdoor inspirations, tips, tricks, gear and what to look out for?

Enjoy ‘Outdoors at Weekends’

Tim & Sharon x

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