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Is Birdsong Louder than before Lockdown?

by Tim
Trees Laden in Blossom near Windsor

The Birds Can Now Be Heard

So who is the little red faced chirpy little chap singing away happily in the heavily blossomed pink tree just outside my garden? I feel somewhat ashamed that I do not know him by sight or sound or even what the blossom tree is, I will have to find out.

There is birdsong everywhere and it seems so much clearer. From being gently awoken by the morning chorus, to having coffee in the garden or just heading out for the daily walk, birdsong seems so much more noticeable and amplified. There also seems to be more blossom about than ever before.

Lockdown Positives

If there has been one major positive during this period of lockdown is that many of us have become even more aware and appreciative of our natural surroundings and nature itself. The beautiful sunny and warm weather has helped us all enjoy it all in wonderful technicolour and in Dolby surround sound. Are the birds genuinely singing louder or is it because the ambient noise levels are significantly lower allowing us to hear what has always been there?  

hilltop trees swinley forest
Beautiful Clear & Cleaner Blue Skies

Less traffic, reduced human activity, hardly any planes criss-crossing our skies has helped reduced noise pollution. This has which meant that nature’s own sounds are not being drowned out and we are able to hear them so much more clearly. Additionally, less air pollution has led to wonderfully blue skies by day and great for star gazing at night. How many of us have reached for an app to see what the different star constellations are?

Recognising Birdsong

Curiosity has got the better of me and a little bit of research unearthed the following ‘Bird Song Identification’ blog article by the Woodland Trust which helped to recognise some of the chirping locals by their sound. Now it helps put a ‘face to the voice’ when awoken by the dawn chorus or out and about in the local woods. New knowledge acquired and hopefully remembered when needed.

There are also a Birdsong Apps (of course there are) which like the music identifier app ‘Shazam’ are for recognising birds from their songs (for recommended apps see below).

When you are next walking out from your doorstep, exploring the local woods or parkland, stop, look about you and listen out for a while as the woods come alive. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much wildlife activity and birdsong is going on around you. How many birds can you recognise by sight or sound?

Bluebell birdsong woods
Birdsong & Bluebells

Incidentally the little brightly coloured chap in the blossom was a goldfinch and he was sitting in a pretty crab apple tree. Next on my list is to see an actual cuckoo as I keep hearing them but never seen one.

Enjoy doorstep adventures in your your local countryside.

Handy Apps:

Birdsong Identifiying Apps

The following were best two apps for recognising birdsong within our garden or the local countryside.

  • Smart Bird ID (Europe) – Instant Bird Identifier (rated 4.6/5.0), free to download
  • ChirpOMatic– Bird Song ID, Identify birds of Western Europe (rated 4.4/5.0). £3.99 at time of writing.

Night Skies & Star Gazing

  • ‘SkyView Lite’ – You simply point at the starry night sky and it helps identify the different stars & constellations.
  • Star Walk 2 – Checkout out the stars, planets & constellations that you can see by pointing your device skywards!

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