High Cup Nick, Cumbria

Find Exact Locations, Anywhere with ‘what3words’

by Tim

What3Words App – Easy to Find, Share, Save & Navigate to Precise Locations

The view is amazing, we want capture the moment and share where we are with friends and loved ones. But where exactly are we and how can we share it? Try the clever mapping app called ‘what3words’.

what3words - cumbria view
Murton Pike, Cumbria – Exact address with ‘what3words’

Where Are We? How Can We Share Our Location?

It would be great to be able to know exactly where we are. Then we can share it with others to enjoy what we have been able to experience or see. My OS Maps App is great and shows me where we are and I can take a snapshot of that but that does not necessarily give easy directions nor help those who do not have access to OS maps.

Aira Force Waterfall Lake District
Aira Force Waterfall in the Lake Disrict

There is a great app called ‘what3words’ which divides the whole world up into 3m squares. It gives each 3m square in the world a unique combination of three words. These ‘what3words’ addresses are exact and easy to pass on both verbally or via a simple shareable link and are as accurate as GPS coordinates.

Go Social with Your Spectacular Location Photo

You can even add a photograph of the exact location and add the ‘what3words’ address to the image. This is great for sharing to Social Media and any messaging apps.

Find, Save, Share & Navigate Exact Locations

Since playing with the app I have realised that there many handy uses for this great little easy to use app. No more getting lost trying to find an exact address as with the what3words app, it’s easy to find, share, navigate to and save precise locations.

A number of our walks and bike rides have been inspired by seeing great views, sights or points of interest. One problem has been knowing exactly where they are or how to get to them. What3words shows exactly where ‘hidden gems’ and ‘best kept secrets’ are and how to get to them easily.

Meeting up with friends for a walk or a bike ride but the postcode is none too helpful, what3words can show the exact meeting spot and with directions if needed.

High Cup Nick, Cumbria
High Cup Nick, Cumbria – Find it with the ‘What3Words’ app

Be Found Precisely in Emergency Situations

Emergency services could be led to an exact spot in a remote location when out in the wilds, up a mountain or in a forest in the case of an incident. Yes, they do use it too and it could be a life and death situation. GPS co-ordinates are just way too complicated.

No More Complicated Directions Required

1 Pennine View Brampton - what3words address
1 Pennine View Brampton – ‘what3words’ exact address

Hotels, bars, holiday cottages, B & B’s and any tourist destination or business can improve their customer service and prevent lost guests, frustrating phone calls, overcoming language barriers and complicated directions. Using the app to to find holiday cottages and camp sites in rural locations has been really handy.

Postcodes and SatNav are pretty handy at getting you close to where you need to be. But having arrived at your location it can still be very hard to find the actual address of the house or where you are supposed to be. This nearly always requires a phone call asking, “I’m here but where exactly are you?”

Meeting Up In Remote Locations or With Multiple Entrances

Many places do not have an actual address such as beaches, country parks, lakes, hill tops or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB’s). Others may have multiple entrances /exits and how many times have friends ended up at the wrong one when meeting up? It is easy to geotag remote locations.

So, How Does It Work?

The world has been divided up into a grid of 3m squares and everyone has a unique 3 word address.

Just open up the ‘what3words’ app, it will automatically show where you are in a set of 3m squares which can be selected.

  1. Either choose the location where you are or select somewhere else (where you plan to meet).
  2. Select ‘Share’ and send a message via text, WhatsApp to a group, email to friends or colleagues. You could save it to your Facebook or Instagram page with a picture attached too.
  3. All they have to do is open the link from your text, then choose to navigate via Google Maps, Apple Maps or by compass if you prefer.

WHAT3WORDS - View near Ullswater, Lake District

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The App is Free & Easy to Use

What3words overcomes these issues with a simple grid mapping approach as everywhere has an address which can be easily found. What’s more the app is free.

So, when your friends are lost whilst out mountain biking or your walking group have got split up. Open up the what3words app on your mobile device then send it to your friends who are lost. All they need to do is click the link and follow the directions to where you are. Simple.

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