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Compilation of Best ‘Stay at Home Outdoor Inspired Activities for the Adventurous’

by Tim
Stay at Home Local Adventures

There have been many great ideas shared for those who love the outdoors, being active and adventurous on how to make the most of staying at home and only getting outside locally.

Here is a compilation of some of my favourite ‘Stay at Home Activities for the Adventurous’. These include articles, ideas and resources I have received that distracted me from work or inspired me whilst following various blog articles or social media posts in my inbox.

As recently as March we took for granted heading outdoors whenever and wherever we wanted to for next adventurous fix, hike or bike ride.  Over the last couple of months we have had to adapt to an enforced local confinement and make the most of what we have on our doorstep or very close by. For many of us this is absolutely necessary to help keep us sane and from climbing the walls and leaving footprints all over the ceilings.

There are many wonderful ideas that kindled my natural adventurous spirit, kept me stimulated and so far the walls have not yet been climbed.

Reading Inspirations

‘The Outdoor Adventure Blog’ – 10 Great Travel and Adventure Books to Stay Home & Read, a few really good books which are now on my reading list, do read the ‘Salt Path’ about 630 mile journey from Minehead to Poole along the South West Coast Path –

10 Inspirational Outdoor & Adventure Books 2020 from ‘Outdoors Magic’ Tales of daring-do, of adventures and misadventures, and explorations of cultures, landscapes & histories. Check out the Best ‘Scottish Bothy Walks’ and the lovely ‘The Way Home’ – Tales from a life without technology! – 10 Inspirational Outdoor and Adventure Books 2020

Scottish Bothy Walks
28 Best ‘Scottish Bothy Walks’ by Geoff Allen

Coping with Isolation in the Wild – Article by ‘The Guardian’ – Some useful inspirational ideas on how to cope with isolation

Listening Inspirations

Best Outdoor Adventure Podcasts – ‘The Outdoor Adventure Blog’ – Including great listens from Alastair Humphreys ‘Living Adventurously’ or Ordnance Survey’s ‘Get Outside’ Podcasts –

The Best Outdoor & Adventure Podcasts, suggestions by ‘Outdoors Magic’There’s a lot of adventure podcasts out there at the moment. Here are the ones to make a beeline for:

The Best Outdoors & Adventure Podcasts – from ‘Much Better Adventures’ – from one of my favourite adventure companies, a few very good stories to listen to. Check out to ‘Women on the Road’, a variety of women who are living the van life to share their stories –

Enjoying Nature from Your Home

101 Adventure, Nature and Outdoor Inspired Activities to Do at Home from ‘The Girl Outdoors’ Improve your navigational skills, whittle wood, create a bird feeder, cook your dinner on a homemade fire pit or make fresh nettle tea. Fun suggestions and creative ideas to do at home, nearby or in the garden –

Enjoy Nature at Home
Enjoy Nature on Your Doorstep

Listen to the Birdsong and the Morning Chorus – ‘National Trust’ A guide to recognising birdsong and your local garden birds

To inspire you to spend more time outdoors and to create your own definition of adventure from ‘The Outdoor Adventure Blog’. Whether you’re climbing the UK’s highest mountains or taking the kids for a bike ride around the local woods, making it an adventure –

Set up a mini nature reserve or hedgehog home with ‘Positive News’ – 10 ways to connect with wildlife and find some solace in nature during the Covid-19 outbreak –

Virtual Adventures that can be Enjoyed Being Indoors

‘Visit England’ – 50+ ways to explore England while staying at home – Virtual tours that help you explore places you have never been to, never heard of or would like to visit when we can.  From ‘Tick off all 11 of Banksy’s murals across London and Bristol’ to ‘Dig deep into the underground world of Stump Cross Caverns’ deep in the Yorkshire Dales. –

Wilderness Scotland – Virtual Guided Tour Ballachulish to Glencoe – Wilderness Guide Craig McDonald hops on his bike in Ballachulish and guides you through Glencoe and regales stories of the Massacre of Glencoe from the key locations –

‘Country Living’ – Virtual UK Landmark Tours – From Giants Causeway, St Ives Beach to Hadrian’s Wall –

‘Planet D’ – A Virtual Escape to the Most Isolated Places on Earth – See some of the worlds mots remote locations from the village of Intelliq in Greenland to the Nubian Desert in Sudan –

‘The World of Wonderlust’ – Travel without leaving home: 8 Ways to have an adventure – Cook a meal from your favourite locations to travel films

‘Wanderlust’ – 19 immersive tours and virtual experiences in Europe – Whether you’re looking for culture, history, adventure or wildlife, you can discover it all from home on these virtual European tours… from Gdansk in Poland to admiring the beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands,  –

Adventure Films to Enjoy & Inspire

Banff Film Festival – Epic Adventures to Watch at Home. If you are missing the popular Banff Film Festival – dive in to some awesome collections of adventure films that they have handpicked for you to watch at home, all you have to do is subscribed –

‘Much Better Adventures’ – Discover 16 Awesome Outdoor & Adventure Films Free To Watch Online – I particularly enjoyed ‘Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa’ and also ‘Dodo’s Delight’ –

‘Snow & Rock’ – 10 Outdoor Adventure Sports Films – From ‘The Dawn Wall’ climbing film to ‘Sherpa, Trouble on Everest’ –

‘’ – 10 Inspirational Adventure Films You Must See – Watch some great films including ‘Maiden’  13-year-old Laura Dekker embarked on a journey to sail around the world single-handedly

Plan New Walks, Off Road & Country Lane Bike Rides

Find short, safe walks and bike rides close to your home withOS Maps’ – Create your own bespoke cycle trails, walking routes before you head out then upload them to you phone, very handy website for finding new ideas –

3D maps and trails of hills and mountains you fancy hiking, walking or biking – ‘FatMaps’ – Discover the best hiking, biking and skiing adventures across the world’s best … Plan your day or trip, research location with detailed 3D maps

Plan ‘New Walks’ with walking guru Julia Bradbury and the ‘The Outdoor Guide’ – Create a bucket list of some great walks when we can all get out again including one of Julia’s favourite walks, ‘High Cup Nick’ in Cumbria

Find & plan some great walks and hikes in full 3D – ‘FatMaps’ – Guides for Walk Inspirations – Epic Hikes, Pub Walks, Day Trips, Best Adventurous Routes

Snowdon Routes Using FatMaps
Plan Your Trip Up Snowdon – The Pyg Trail using FatMaps

Inspirations for the Adventurous that you can do from Home

Improve your photography with ‘Wanderlust’How To Use The Coronavirus Lockdown To Improve Your Travel Photography. Use this time to improve your travel photography from the comfort of your own home…

Quiz: How well do you know Europe? – ‘Wanderlust’ – Do you know Europe’s countries, natural wonders and landmarks as well as you think you do? Reckon your European general knowledge is up to scratch? Find out with our tricky, yet still fun, quiz…-

Bike Maintenance How to Videos – ‘Evans Cycles’ – From cleaning your bike properly, adjusting your noisy gears to repairing your chain and how to get your bike back to full working order. This has been quite handy with a few running repairs and technical mishaps recently –

Looking After Your Mental Health & Well Being Ideas

Looking After Your Physical & Mental Health During Lockdown with ‘The Outdoor Adventure Blog’

Well Being Tips For Coping With Lockdown from ‘Lake District Lovers’ – Find alternatives to your usual adventure in nature to getting good quality sleep

Stay busy, learn new skills and try new little projects, keep the fires of your adventurous spirit burning and celebrate our enjoyment of the great outdoors while we stay at home and venture out locally.


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